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Impulse Sealer AZ-300W

Strong sealing / Impulse sealing / Compact body

Simply apply light pressure to the table with both hands to seal tightly.≪100V / 240V≫
- Made in Japan -

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Ideal for sealing bags that provide protection from light,moisture, discoloration, loss of fragrance and is also perfect for use with silica gel packets.
It is possible to seal up to 5 mil thickness aluminum gadget bags.


Dual-heating element model

Heating elements are mounted on both upper and lower sides.
It is possible to seal aluminum metalized film bags with four layers overlapping firmly.
*Perfect for metallic bag sealing to keep loose-leaf tea and coffee beans fresh by preserving fragrance and protecting from light.

Recommended maximum sealing thickness

Model name Polyethylene Polypropylene Nylon Polypropylene Vinylon Laminated materials
AZ-300W 0.6mm 0.4mm 0.4mm 0.4mm 0.5mm


Model name Sealing type Sealing length Sealing width Power Voltage Dimensions Weight
AZ-300W Dual-heating 11.8in / 300mm 0.315in / 8mm 1100W 120V/240V 340x300x170mm 6.7kgs


  • Levered strusture

    The levered mechanical structure of this compact yet powerful sealer is designed to generate a strong seal by lightly pressing the table.

  • Solid unibody constructed frame

    The body is made from a single piece of solid aluminum. The aluminum table can be easily cleaned to maintain a spotless work space.

  • Secure and beautiful sealing

    You can easily seal bags with heavy or unwieldy contents while steadying the bag with both hands.


  • -Food
    Vegetables, Grain, Seafoods
    Bakeries, Meat stores
    Foods, Confectioners, Industrial factories